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We are physcos that have no real events yet.........
Guys....... why don't we have any events yet..........

Past Events:

-That night in SW with the fireworks
-Magelyn's going away party
-This site opening

Planned Future Events:

-Sunken Temple, either weekend of (10/6) or weekend of (10/13)
-Scarlet Monestary, if enough people need it, the same weekend.
-One more lvl 30-60 instance, based on popular vote.  Either that weekend or the following.

More subject to follow, but these are what have currently been planned by me.  I might be on any of the three,
or be on all three events, along with anyone who wants to come.
Sign up by telling an officer in game, until I have a signup sheet online.  This will hopefully be up and running before the sites initial launch, but we will see.

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