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Welcome to Fatal Shadows Brand Spanking New Site!!

People were having to much fun bugging me about ditching ya all, so i made sure that you all had a nice site to use.
I'm probably going to be working on this site for the first week or so, updating it and whatnot. Here are my current plans:
1. Get some forums up here! Get this site to finally take over the evil scum Myspace for us talking :-)
2. Perhaps make a guild events page, talking about future and past events, which i will teach mage how to use.
3. Get a guild info page up for new members, so we dont have to worry about the small size we have on game.
4. Anything else someone bugs me enough to put on this website.

Rules: If Magelyn catches you breaking any of the guild rules in here, she will totally pwn you all so watch out.

Keep this site bookmarked.  It can help you get into events easier.  There will be a forum deticated solely to the purpose
of keeping track of who wants to go to which instances, when.  Once the event is full, it will become closed.

Copyright © 2007 Paul Galvin.  All rights reserved.